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Located in Lethbridge, Alberta, Southern Alcare Manor is a 25 – bed residential recovery treatment facility for men and women who have a sincere desire to abstain from alcohol, drugs or gambling and require a stable living environment during recovery.



The goal of the Southern Alcare Manor program is to provide a therapeutic living environment where clients are encouraged to develop the skills, confidence and independence which will further them in their recovery process.
The program includes life skills, mental health and addictions counselling, information sessions and group interaction and therapy to assist clients in developing their individual recovery programs.
Clients are assisted in gaining employment or educational upgrading. They are encouraged to establish a balanced lifestyle through participation in recreational activities and community or church activities.
Clients are also expected to actively participate in Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous and other community-based recovery groups.



Length of Stay
The length of stay in the Manor program is dependent on each individual’s needs. The program staff assist clients with setting goals and plans for independent living. In order to gain a foothold on recovery, clients are encouraged to stay for three months.

The Southern Alcare Manor staff includes an executive director, program manager, administrative assistant, cook, support workers and provisional psychologists. The facility is staffed 24 hours per day, seven days a week.

The Southern Alcare Manor is partially funded by the Alberta Health and Services (AHS, formally AADAC) and the Alberta Solicitor General. All Clients who are employed or receiving money from other sources are expected to contribute to their recovery through room and board payments. The daily cost to the client is $40.00 per day.


Admission Criteria

Applicants who are awaiting treatment for addictions and require a supportive residential environment before reintegration into the community.

Applicants must have a sincere desire to establish a lifestyle without using alcohol or drugs.

Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.

Applicants must be alcohol and drug free for at least five (5) days prior to admissions.

Applicants must be willing to seek employment and participate into the agency’s fund-raising activities.

Applicants must be willing to abide by established rules and requirements.

First 30 days at SAM

Upon arrival you will be greeted at the door by SAM staff, and the intake experience begins. After a short interview, and signing administration forms, you are given a tour of the facility, and introduced to other residents and staff. You will be given a room that you will share with another resident. In addition to this, every resident is given a chore, which changes on a weekly rotating basis. SAM also volunteers several times a month at bingos to help receive funding.

For the first 30 days you will participate in our in house groups. They take place three times a day and include morning reflections, morning group and afternoon group. Groups are one hour long to allow time throughout the day to make and attend appointments and meetings. In the 30-day groups a mix of SAM staff and outside community facilitators will present on a wide variety of topics and techniques to assist a resident in identifying and dealing with underlying issues of their addiction, as well as skills for living in recovery.

You will be assigned a Keyworker who will assist you in meeting your goals of sobriety, recovery, aftercare and transition planning.

After the first 30 days

After the first 30 days the next step begins. SAM encourages residents to get back to work, back to school, volunteering, as well as following up on any referrals made to other agencies or therapists. At this point residents get to practice healthy lifestyle choices, while living in a supportive and safe home. We also offer Men's and Women's groups and a Relapse Prevention group for all the residents of SAM and our Duplex. We also offer a Personal Growth group for those who support family and friends with addictions.

There are also many extra curricular activities that take place throughout the year. In summer there are camping trips, fishing trips, sports days and other recreational activities. There are frequent movie nights, and golf afternoons. In house there are two communal TV’s, Wii, Foosball, movies, books and musical instruments. There is also a large Christmas party.

Most residents who successfully complete the 90-day stay report it as a positive, life changing experience. They often return frequently for visits and support in their continuing recovery.

Beyond the 90 Days

SAM also offers continuing care for individuals wishing for supportive living after completing their 90-day stay.

SAM has a transitional housing duplex with eight beds where, if accepted to reside there, the stay is up to one year. It is partially staffed and allows for a more gradual transition back to independent living. There the residents cook, clean, and structure their lives autonomously with some guidance from staff.

The requirements for living in the duplex include displaying a genuine need for further support, being employed or going to school full time, and being reasonably self sufficient in a daily living routine.


We are fortunate to have on staff 2 Provisional Psychologists that are available to see clients weekly or more often as part of their stay at Southern Alcare Manor. They are both trained in EMDR Therapy.

We also frequently have practicum students doing their masters in psychology or undergraduate in addiction counselling and they are available to the clients if they so choose.


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